Years ago, Microsoft was told they were sending out too many updates to their software. That’s what prompted the 2nd Tuesday of every month update schedule (unless an update was critical, which could occur at any time). Now Apple is doing almost the same thing with software updates that span across desktop and mobile devices. Same goes for Google and Android devices.

This week, I challenge you to track how many times you are asked to perform an update and track how many apps are being updated. Continue this for a month and for an average user, I’d estimate 15-20 updates. (I just did four!)

So the question is, are you like Pavlov’s dogs and as soon as it dings, bings, or beeps, you immediately interrupt your day and do your updates? Think about that. There is no law that says you need to update immediately or even every day. Even with OS updates, being one of the first to upgrade may make you into a Beta tester for bugs.

I recommended that you control your software updates. Don’t let them control you. I am not saying never do them. Just do them at a time that is convenient for you. And at the same time, uninstall some of those old apps that you no longer use and are taking up space and resources.


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