Answer Quest offers training for the following classes:
HTML 5 Level 1

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will learn:

  • Use HTML5 elements and attributes to structure Web content
  • Create semantically meaningful page structures
  • Use CSS to control design and layout properties
  • Create lists and tables, create and format links, and work with images and background images

Course Content

Unit 1: Getting started

Topic A: Introduction to HTML5
Topic B: Basic HTML structure

Unit 2: Elements and attributes

Topic A: Document structure
Topic B: Phrase elements
Topic C: Attributes

Unit 3: Style sheets

Topic A: Introduction to style sheets
Topic B: Basic text and font styles
Topic C: Box styles

Unit 4: Tables

Topic A: Displaying tabular data

Unit 5: Links and images

Topic A: Creating and formatting links
Topic B: Working with images

HTML 5 Level 2

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will learn:

  • Effective web site planning and authoring principles and they will learn how to create a semantic document structure
  • Build interactive forms, apply native data validation, and embed HTML5 audio and video
  • Learn advanced CSS techniques, including using pseudo classes and pseudo elements
  • Incorporate special fonts by linking to cloud services
  • Learn how to use the local storage feature in modern browsers

Course Content

Unit 1: Authoring guidelines

Topic A: Planning a Web site
Topic B: HTML5 authoring
Topic C: Content organization and structure
Topic D: Basic SEO

Unit 2: HTML5 forms

Topic A: Interactive forms
Topic B: Data validation and error feedback
Topic C: Form structure and styles
Topic D: Form design considerations

Unit 3: Audio and video

Topic A: Embedding native audio
Topic B: Embedding native video

Unit 4: CSS techniques

Topic A: Styles that improve efficiency
Topic B: Fonts in the cloud
Topic C: Generated content

Unit 5: Local storage and site testing

Topic A: Editable content and local storage
Topic B: Site testing basics

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