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OneNote 2013

Course Objectives:

In this course, you will develop digital note-taking, note-collaboration, and note-synchronizing skills with Microsoft OneNote 2013, which will allow you to create and update notes; manage lists and outlines; search; add content including voice memos, pictures, and video; take notes in online meetings; and interact with other Microsoft software programs. You will:

  • Explore the structure of a OneNote notebook.
  • Add content to and organize a OneNote notebook.
  • Manage OneNote notebooks, history, and backups.
  • Work with Excel spreadsheets and embedded files.
  • Share and collaborate with notebooks.
  • Finalize a notebook.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Exploring Notebook Structure

Topic A: Navigate the OneNote 2013 Environment
Topic B: Use Predesigned Templates for OneNote Notebooks
Topic C: Customize the User Interface within OneNote

Lesson 2: Adding Content and Formats to a OneNote Notebook

Topic A: Modify Formatting in a Notebook
Topic B: Add Audio and Video to a Notebook
Topic C: Add Quick Notes and Links
Topic D: Use Tags, Symbols, Drawing Tools, and Pen Options

Lesson 3: Managing OneNote Notebooks, History, and Backups

Topic A: Save and Export Content and Use Alternate File Types
Topic B: Manage Notebook Recycle Bins and Backups

Lesson 4: Working with Excel Spreadsheets and Embedded Files

Topic A: Work with Excel Spreadsheets
Topic B: Work with Embedded Files

Lesson 5: Sharing and Collaborating with Notebooks

Topic A: Send a Notebook and Use Outlook Integration
Topic B: Share and Collaborate on Notebooks

Lesson 6: Finalizing a Notebook

Topic A: Finalize a Notebook Using Proofing and Print Settings
Topic B: Configure Notebook Settings, Properties, and Security
Topic C: Organize and Search Notebooks

Appendix A: Microsoft OneNote 2013 Exam 77-421

OneNote 2010

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Explore the Microsoft OneNote 2010 interface and create a simple notebook.
  • Create notes using Microsoft OneNote 2010.
  • Organize content and search for information in a Microsoft OneNote 2010 notebook.
  • Integrate OneNote 2010 with other applications.
  • Use OneNote 2010 to share notes with other people.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with OneNote 2010

Topic 1A: Explore the OneNote Interface
Topic 1B: Create a Notebook
Topic 1C: Customize the OneNote Interface

Lesson 2: Creating Notes

Topic 2A: Enter Notes
Topic 2B: Create Template-Based Notes
Topic 2C: Format Notes
Topic 2D: Draw Shapes
Topic 2E: Embed Content

Lesson 3: Organizing and Working with OneNote

Topic 3A: Organize Notes
Topic 3B: Add Tags
Topic 3C: Search Notes
Topic 3D: Save and Print Notes

Lesson 4: Integrating OneNote with Other Applications

Topic 4A: Customize the OneNote View
Topic 4B: Use Outlook with OneNote
Topic 4C: Use OneNote with Other Office Applications
Topic 4D: Publish Notes Pages

Lesson 5: Collaborating and Working with Notes

Topic 5A: Share Notebooks on a Network Location
Topic 5B: Work with Shared Notebooks

Appendix A: Using OneNote on Mobile Devices

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