• connected by computer to the Internet for the purpose of acquiring a new skill, knowledge or experience
  • a process by which someone is taught the skills needed for a profession or job via an Internet connection
  • the act, process, or method of one that trains using Virtual Classrooms
  • the state of being trained on-line


Answer Quest Technologies, Inc. offers on-line training in a virtual classroom, webinars or as one-on-one virtual executive training.  We provide the same training available both on-site and on-line:  Software Training and HR / Soft Skills Training

Answer Quest instructors use proven training techniques to provide a professional environment conducive to learning. Your trainer will be highly qualified, experienced, and hand-picked to best fit your needs. Let us train your administration and staff in the skills they need to perform their job duties effectively and efficiently in the comfort of their own chair.


Virtual Live Training

Answer Quest offers on-line Software Training for current off-the-shelf software, such as Microsoft and Adobe. On-line classes are held using Citrix GoToTraining technology. Answer Quest also provides a wide range of HR / Soft Skills Training.


Webinar-style training for larger groups is a great way to attend on-line seminars from the comfort of your own chair. Whether its Software Training or HR / Soft Skills Training, this provides an incredible opportunity for virtual attendance.

Video Training Library

Answer Quest’s Video Training Library is your best resource for on-demand computer software instruction, individual learning, and Tips & Tricks as well as HR / Soft Skills training. Answer Quest can also provide, by subscription, a private library of customized modules for your company.

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